About Lean Bodies

Lean Bodies Custom Training was created as a result of the need to provide sound fitness, lifestyle & weight management advice. This is our way to relate information to people seeking a no-nonsense avenue. Everyday we see a new way for marketing professionals to scam the uninformed public and take advantage of their lack of knowledge and it quite astonishes us!! From infomercials to diet fads and scams, this situation continues to thrive. It is quite amazing how much the American population spends on these worthless products and does not seek professional advice. After years of experience and studying exercise science and nutrition, we know what works and doesn’t work!! If there were a magic pill for getting in shape, we would stock our shelves with it and would be selling it to the public. Since there is no such magic pill, hard work is the only way to a leaner and healthier body.

We have a studio in Union, New Jersey. Personal training, lifestyle & weight management, sports-specific training, and related services are provided at this location. These services are also available to out-of-state residents through our customized programs

So, let us give you the help you deserve and let Lean Bodies Custom Training help shape you into the healthy and fit individual you wish to be. Nothing is impossible! We hope to be hearing from you very soon.


Michael J. Ranieri
President, Lean Bodies Custom Training, LLC