Weight Gain Tips

Talking about tips to gain weight is not common at all. Think about that. Generally when the subject is “Weight”, most people want to put it off. Right? However, there are a number of people who seek to gain weight instead of losing it. Gaining weight can be much more difficult than losing it. That’s why you have to dedicate some time and make a substantial effort if you want to see your scale pointing to a bigger number.

This process will be hard, it will take some time and you will not get immediate results. If you want to gain weight there are two reasons that might be leading you to such goal:

1. Probably you are underweighted: I

If this is the case, check your BMI (you can Google “BMI calculator” and follow the instructions) after getting your BMI you will know if you are really underweighted.

2. You think your appearance is skinny and you want to gain additional weight:

If this is the case you must first check you BMI using the upper mentioned process. Please note that your BMI may indicate a normal value but there are some factors that can lead to a wrong BMI (muscle mass has more weight than fat mass. This may lead to a wrong BMI. Do you have any doubt concerning the possibility of gaining weight, just check with your doctor or nutritionist. He/she will advise you.

Now, if you are decided to gain weight, lets get to the point. Here are some precious tips:

a) Go for the nutrients and not for the calories

One of the most common mistakes of those who want to gain weight is that they think calories will increase their weight. When they are buying food they will seek for the most caloric ones. Be careful. If you want to gain weight, gain it in a healthy manner, instead of looking for the most caloric foods. Pursue healthy foods that are high in nutrients rather than calories. If you keep looking for the most caloric diets you will gain weight but your health and appearance will not thank you for that.

b) Forget the Coke and such type of drinks

These beverages can be so delicious but when the matter is gaining weight, they are far from useful. Think about this. These types of drinks don’t provide nutrients and they don’t bring any health benefit. Instead of drinking such beverages, drink nutritious beverages like those made from pulp of fruit. The result is more calories, more nutrients thus producing more weight.

c) Eat six times a day

Okay, this can sound a little obsessive about gaining weight but it’s not. I’m not telling you to eat six extra-big meals throughout the day. I am telling you to eat six different meals during the day: breakfast, a little snack in the middle of the morning, the lunch, a good snack in the afternoon, dinner and snacking before bed.

 d) Make sure you eat all the nutrients you need

From fish to meat and from rice to potatoes and pasta, etc, you have to follow a healthy and varied diet that can supply you with all the nutrients you need. In order to do that you can’t ignore any food. All foods will supply you with different nutrients you will need to fulfill your goal of gaining weight.



Benefits of Yoga

There are so many benefits of exercise, but not everyone can or should join a gym, run a mile, or lift weights. While, not everyone can do yoga, there are many who can and do it easily. Yoga is a very gentle form of exercise and is good for just about anyone. Men, women, pregnant women, children, people suffering from physical ailments and joint diseases, and the elderly all can enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Besides physical changes in a person who does yoga: weight loss, flexibility and diminished body pain, there are also many differences to ones outlook on life. Yoga is, like what was stated above, a more gentle form of exercise and it blossoms out from the yoga mat into our everyday life.

Some benefits of yoga are:

  • Able to handle stress much better
  • Breathing improves
  • Some if not all of your pain is eliminated
  • Improve the flexibility in your joints and improve muscle tone
  • Be in peace within yourself
  • Be more in-tune with your body and mind
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Focus more easily
  • And, many more benefits both to a person’s mental health and physical health.

The key to yoga is balance. You will need to learn how to balance on one foot. But, not only that, you will also learn how to balance everything in your life. Yoga brings about a peaceful nature to all who regularly practice and they are able to balance everything in their life from the stressful workplace to the hectic home life and everything in between.

The most beneficial reason to do yoga is because it is a more gentle way to get healthy, so there isn’t the shock to the body that a harsh exercise routine can bring about. There are no diet restrictions when practicing yoga, but the feel good after effects of yoga makes you want to have a better diet plan in place. Because yoga is more for the mind, than the body, it tricks you into wanting to do better all the way around and not be just an exercise routine. In other words, yoga is a way of life. Yes, running 5 miles a day, strength training for 5 hours a day, or doing Pilates every other day is also a way of life, but yoga is a different way of thinking all in itself. There is no yelling in yoga. There are no harsh bright lights in yoga. Yoga has to competition. It’s a mellow, peaceful, relaxing, harmonious flowing experience.

Ask yourself of what comes to mind when you think of yoga? If it doesn’t make you think of waterfalls and ocean waves or other serene places or noises, then you really should either watch a yoga DVD or class to see yoga’s benefits.. You may be surprised. And, maybe you will be encouraged into taking a class.

Simple Tips to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be very hard for most people who want to lose it. There are so many factors that can take down all your efforts to decrease your weight: genetics, your diet, emotional state, physical exercise and motivation. All this will decide the result (for better or for worse) of your battle against being overweight. Regarding tip in losing weight, you must check your BMI (BMI stands for Body Mass Index. You can calculate it online. Google the words “BMI calculator” in a second you will get many results. Click the first one and, after accessing it, fill in the requested data. At that very minute you will be informed about your BMI. If you’re overweight, don’t lose a second and start putting in practice the following tips.

1.  Awareness and Motivation

Before starting to put in practice these simple and effective tips you have to make sure you are well aware of all the risks associated with your actual weight. In order to achieve success you will have to be motivated. If you start the first day and give up the second day, that will lead you to nowhere. Make sure you keep yourself focused on your main objective. As long as you have focus, you have motivation.

 2.  Cut the Fat

Avoid pizzas, hamburgers, fast-food, canned food, fried and fried food and food with high levels of fats, etc… When it comes to different food choices, variety will not be a problem, and you will easily get plenty of results and alternatives to choose from. Enjoy that and find alternatives to the foods containing high levels of fats.

 3.  Cut the Calories and Keep Focused on the Nutrients

At this point you must be able to reduce the calorie consumption. There are delicious foods with low calories and fats. Choose them! You may be cutting the calories but you can’t cut the nutrients. Nutrients are very important for your body and you must always choose nutritious and foods lower in calories.

4.  Time to Practice Some Physical Exercise

The physical exercise you practice will have a direct and strong impact in your weight. Physical exercise will make you burn fat and calories. You  will achieve a great sense of satisfaction. Practice moderate exercise. Go to the gym. Do some cardiovascular exercise in the morning. Take a walk after dinnertime.

 5.  Trace Weekly Goals and Improve

Tracing weekly goals is much more important than you think. It will keep you motivated and it will also help you improve your confidence and of course it will help yield better results. Do the following: Every week set a goal,for example lose 5 pounds or lowering your cholesterol levels. Every week you should set some type of goal concerning your weight loss and health benefits, this way you will keep yourself motivated and your self-confidence will rise a lot.

 6.  Don’t Give Up

Abandonment of your goals is not a solution and it will not solve your problems. Those who give up from such a goal  will tend to gain even more weight than before. Do not allow yourself to abandon your goals! Losing weight is difficult. But, what makes you a winner is the strength to overcome the hardest challenges.

How Exercise Can Help

Many people are aware of the benefits that are related exercising and how the exercising can play a great role in improving several aspects in our lives. What are the specific benefits that are brought about by regular exercising?” There are four categories of benefits:

Benefits of exercises to the body

Once one is suffering from obesity and being overweight, this can be a way through for a host of several health problems such as heart complications and diabetes. This is a piece of unpleasant news to those people who are victims of the condition i.e. obesity. Exercise will greatly assist when it comes to breaking down fats in your body so as to produce the much needed energy for the exercises. With low body fat levels, the chances of being overweight are greatly reduced and thereby reducing the risk of getting heart complications and diseases such as diabetes. Moreover, the body’s immune system will be very efficient in fighting against diseases. Nevertheless, having to maintain a good lifestyle will improve on the body immune system as well and as a result help in keeping harmful diseases that might affect the body at bay.

Benefits of exercises to the mind

Not only will the body benefit from exercises but also the mind. Studies have shown that good exercising practice can be in a position of improving the brainpower of the trainee. This is through the fact that exercises improves the memory and heightens the alertness of the trainee. Nevertheless, it helps people to think vividly and more clearly hence improving the cognitive functioning of the individual. A good explanation for the above situation could be during and after any form of aerobic workout. This is because the heart will be capable of pumping and distributing blood that is rich in oxygen more efficiently.

Benefits of exercises to the soul

Regular studies as well as tests have proven that healthy physical activities do help when it comes to improving the moods and relieving depression together with anxiety. Exercises promote the release of specific unique chemicals in the brain. These chemicals include norepinephrine, dopamine as well as endorphins. These chemicals are natural anti-depressants. This can be used to explain as to why majority of people find it very relaxing after each and every training session.

Benefits of exercises in social support

Exercises can as well be used as a means of making new great friends as well as providing a good field and opportunity of improving the bond with our old friends. The social support obtained from group training is always good to the emotions of well being and contributes vastly to gaining the unique sense of accomplishment as well as happiness.  Cycling, dancing, mountain climbing or even walking, it is advisable to incorporate exercises into our daily lives. Complimented with good proper diet and nutrition, you will always live to confess the advantages of exercises and increase your life span on earth!!

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Everyone wants to be in shape and look gorgeous. But fitness is one of the biggest challenges in life and this challenge is not so easy to achieve. You need to do proper exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. When you are performing some kind of physical exercise, every movement you do will count to your overall performance. Stretching one arm more than the other may result in an ineffective warm-up and the same happens while you are doing your physical exercises. Moreover daily routines will not remain always the same. The company can call for an unscheduled meeting, kids may have to attend a late night party, and guests can be at your home at late night…
Hiring a personal trainer can solve your entire fitness problems. A personal trainer will initially create a specific exercise routine for you taking into account all the information you provide. He will keep you motivated by reminding you of the progress you are making for some purpose, he will keep you inspired with words of praise and he will be a real model to look for inspiration and motivation. He will do everything he can to keep you interested and to make you win the battle to achieve your fitness objectives.
Working with a personal trainer will lead to a perfect body shape that will make your friends envious and make them wonder about your secret to your fitness success. He will take care of your body shape and he will help you deal with the changes in your body, he will help you deal with tiredness and the ups and downs of the physical exercise. Additionally, the trainer will define your exercises and enhance them by the need of time. You don’t need to worry about the pattern of exercise. Your personal trainer will be there to tell you what to do, when to do and how to do it.
A personal trainer for people with special medical needs is really a good idea. A personal trainer can help you with these or other issues, including low-back pain, rehabilitation from injury and pre and postnatal training. Under these circumstances, your personal trainer works with your doctor and he will introduce you an exercise program to speed-up recovery and avoid any further problems.
Fitness is a basic need for everyone who wants to practice physical exercise. If you are preparing for a football match, cricket tournament, golf tour, long tennis or going out somewhere for adventure, a personal trainer can help you become fit and strong for the upcoming event.
Always choose the trainer carefully. If you don’t have enough equipment, your trainer can guide you to take maximum benefits out of it. The right personal trainer is the best solution to all of your fitness needs. Choosing a personal trainer carefully will help you achieve each and every fitness goal you might have. A personal trainer is an individual who is prepared to keep you motivated and interested. He will make you sweat and chase your fitness objectives and is prepared to do all this in a healthy and faster way.

Four Steps to Remain Physically Fit

There are some four steps that you need to take, if you want tor remain physically fit. These are fairly simple steps. They can, however, make a huge difference in terms of your long term health — keeping in mind the well established connection between physical fitness and general health.

What is important, when it comes to taking the steps we are just about to look at, is to ensure that you take them consistently. You won’t benefit, in terms of remaining physically fit, if you will only be taking these steps once in a while, or ‘when you feel like it.’ On the contrary, you need to be a bit tough on yourself, and see to it that you take the steps we are just about to look at even when you don’t feel like it.

Better still, you can turn the steps we are just about to look at into habits, so that taking them is no longer a struggle of the will. Once the steps become your habits, they essentially become a part of you, and taking them is not really a struggle. In fact, once they have become habits, you will tend to feel as if something is ‘off’ whenever you fail to take them. And to turn these physical fitness maintenance steps into habits, you only need to implement them consistently for three or four weeks. By the end of that duration of time, they will have become a part of you, and taking them won’t be a struggle.

Without any further ado, if you want to remain physically fit, you need to take the following steps:

1.    Exercise regularly: it is up to you to make the decision on the specific nature of exercises to take part in (so long as they are reasonably rigorous). It is also upon you to make the decision on where you will be undertaking the exercises: whether in a gym or at home. The most important thing is to ensure that you exercise regularly. ‘Regularly’ here means, ideally, six or seven days a week. If you can’t manage that, three or four times a week would be okay. Anything less than that may not really qualify to be termed as ‘regular’ exercise.

2.    Eat well: it is only through a proper diet that you will get the energy you need to exercise regularly. Eating well in this context also means eating in moderation. If you eat too much, you will probably end up being too sluggish to exercise. Furthermore, if you make a habit of eating too much, you will probably end up being overweight. And an overweight person can hardly be referred to as being a ‘physically fit person.’

 3.  Get enough sleep: if you don’t get enough sleep, chances are that you will be feeling perpetually sluggish, and this will make it impossible for you to exercise regularly or otherwise be physically active. Furthermore, research shows that getting inadequate sleep can, in the  long run, lead to weight gain, ultimately leading to a situation where you become overweight (and hence not physically fit).

4.    Adopt a more active lifestyle: there is a possibility that the formal physical exercises you undertake may, for one reason or another, not be adequate to make you physically fit. But you can compensate for the deficits in such exercises by simply adopting a more active lifestyle on a day to day basis. Specific measures you can take in this regard include walking more, reducing the amount of time you spend in front of the television and so on. All these seemingly simple measures can, in the long run, contribute immensely to your physical fitness.



Aerobics as commonly known is a type of exercise that incorporates rhythmic aerobic practices together with stretching exercises and the primary goal of this kind of exercise is to improve all the elements of fitness of an individual. Most of the time, it is performed to some music in a group of trainees and under the leadership and supervision of an instructor at times referred to as a fitness professional, however it can still be performed at individual level and without the accompaniment of music. With the target of avoiding illness as well as improving physical fitness, trainees do numerous different routines which consist of various dance-like practices.

Aerobic classes are usually divided into different categories depending on its complexity and intensity level. This may give an opportunity to the trainees to choose their level of participation as per their different levels of fitness. Several gymnasiums provide a variety of aerobic classes.  These classes are designed in such a manner that each and every class calls for a particular level of experience acquired in this field and always being tutored by an instructor who is specialized for that particular class. Sports aerobics which is commonly referred to as aerobic gymnastic is another type of aerobics that incorporates complex choreography, acrobatics together with some elements of aerobics in general.

In this type of aerobics, the performance is always categorized according to age, gender as well as groups and judgment is based on factors such as static and dynamic strength, leaps and jumps together with balance and flexibility. In addition to this, there are ten compulsory exercises and these are four consecutive high kicks, push ups, splits and kicks, leaps and jump and so on and so forth. However, there are some prohibited exercises and these include the elements of tumbling e.g. back flips as well as somersaults. Merit is adjudged according to the trainee’s creativity, artistic quality and even the execution process at large.

Another type of aerobic exercise is termed as freestyle aerobics and this calls for a group instructor choreographing numerous short dance movements and teaches the moves to the trainees in that particular class. This can simply be achieved by initially teaching one or two moves and ones the individual moves have been grasped then the instructor will come up with one main movement which includes and joins all the other small moves. Might sound complicated but it is as simple as it is pronounced. Music is therefore used throughout the session of the class. After the class, a strength session follows suit and this involves some weight exercises in order to strengthen the body muscles so as to improve the trainees’ flexibility.

Step aerobics is different from the other types of aerobics in the sense that it employs an elevated platform which is the main reason behind its name. The height of the step can be adjusted according to the trainee’s requirements and needs through the insertion of raisers beneath the step. This type of aerobics plays a big part in ensuring the burning of calories and the quantity of burnt calories mainly relies on speed and type of movements, height of the step together with the duration of the exercise class. Moreover they do provide a field of endurance training and as a result helps in the maintenance of cardiovascular system. They as well improve our mental health because it is fun and enjoyable.

Health Benefits Of Exercise

People know the importance of exercise, because it gives instant benefits, as well as future benefits. It improves the quality of human life. When we talk about the benefits that are given by proper exercises, a broad range of health benefits can be mentioned. Some of the major benefits include maintaining proper blood pressure and cholesterol levels, giving body strength, reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer etc.

Unfortunately, many people fail to continue their regular exercises due to many reasons. Busy life styles and lack of confidence are some of the major causes. Some people do not continue their exercises because they do not see quick benefits through exercises. It is true that most of the benefits receive from exercise are long-term benefits. There are many quick benefits, as well. Many researchers have proven that exercising gives quick benefits. Many people cannot clearly identify those short-term benefits.  If you can continue your daily exercise schedules for some time, you will gain good benefits physically and mentally. Here are some quick benefits that give regular exercise.

Exercising boosts your energy quickly.

People think that energy is wasted when they exercise or do any other hard work physically. It has proven that you will lose more energy of your body by sitting in front of a computer a whole day than doing physical works or exercise. Actually, when sitting in front of a computer or spending time without doing anything, the energy of your body weakens. Research has shown that exercise boosts the energy of the body. The research shows that if someone is spending his whole day without any physical activities, the best way to improve their activeness and body energy is doing exercise.

Exercise stabilizes your mentality     

The mental stability most people who pass their forties or above slowly declines. This mainly happens because of the decline of hormone growth. Hormones help to repair damaged brain cells. Lack of hormone reduces those repairs causes slowdown of cognitive function.

Exercise helps to increase the production of hormones. It helps to repair damaged muscles and cells. Hence, exercise improve the stability of the mental status. Therefore, regular exercise helps to maintain good mentality.

Exercise improve self-confidence    

When doing exercise regularly, it helps to lose your excess bodyweight. Also, it gives a wonderful shape to your body by shaping the muscles. A wonderfully shaped body and proper body weight automatically increases your confidence.

These are some of the short-term benefits that can be received from regular exercise. Also, the environment you do exercise directly affects to the effectiveness of your exercise. Doing exercise in the outside is more beneficial than doing indoor exercises.

If you have no interest to do exercises, or struggle to maintain regular exercise schedules, above benefits will motivate you to do exercises. If you do exercise to gain short-term benefits, you will receive long-term benefits automatically. Hence, we advise you to maintain a proper exercise schedule to become a healthy man with a happy life.

The Importance of Diet Along With Being Fit

Some people think if they are exercising, then that is enough, and they don’t have to watch what they eat. Not true. Sure, if you want to have that cookie, then be prepared to work off those extra calories from that cookie. But to do it properly, what you take in is just as important as how you try to take it off. Think of food as your fuel, the better fuel you have – just like in a car – the better you will perform – just like your car.

Calories do count when trying to lose weight, strength train, or just getting fit. But, the right calories are the key. Sugary junk food is not the right fuel for your body before your workout, nor is it the right food for after a workout. A good healthy snack before a workout is ideal.

Here are some healthy choices to snack on right before a workout

  • A cup of yogurt with fruit
  • A whole grain muffin or bagel with peanut butter or low-fat cream cheese
  • A few healthy nuts such as almonds or walnuts
  • Protein drink

Make sure to drink plenty of water during your exercise.

After workout snack and/or meal choices include:

  • Protein drink
  • Tuna and whole wheat crackers
  • Protein bar
  • Cottage cheese with honey and whole grain cereal
  • Fruit and low-fat cheese
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Beef, turkey, chicken
  • Hummus on pita bread

You do not need to go overboard with the protein and carbohydrates. As long as you eat right, cut out the sugary snacks and drinks and introduce more fruits and veggies, whole grains, and the right fats into your diet, along with some light exercising, these are enough to keep you healthy.

Diet alone will not keep you healthy just as exercise alone will not keep you fit. It takes the both of them and there are no excuses not to get out there and do some sort of physical activity just for thirty minutes and be conscious of your food choices. Make sure to keep and eat only healthy meals and snacks. Lots of whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, and lean white meat are good for any meal and snack. Doing yoga or going for a walk for thirty minutes is enough exercise.

In recent studies, the experts have found that cardio alone is not a good way to take weight off and to keep it off. Studies show that doing only cardio can be damaging to your heart and your body. Doing cardio to lose weight fast, as like those new boot camp TV show is not a healthy way to take weight off. Sorry to break the bad news here, but there is no healthy way to take weight off that fast. Just getting up and moving every day for thirty minutes a day and eating the right foods along with doing cardio and weight training is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The human body is a very complex structure, in it there are several systems including the digestive system, Respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. For a person to have a healthy and fit body good nutritious and balanced food, clean water and exercise is needed. With the growing technological advancement nowadays many people find themselves not doing basic activities such as walking or jogging, lifting objects around, or even going out to meet friends for socialization. One nowadays can wake up and by just a dial of the phone all the needs will be taken care of at the comfort of his home. This lifestyle though seeming comfortable it is actually harmful to our bodies. It is a fact that obesity and overweight is the fifth leading cause of deaths in the world, at least 2.8 million adults die each year due to obesity and overweight related complications.

Exercises are very good to our bodies and there are two main types of exercises; the Resistance type of exercise e.g. weight lifting, this type of exercise help in growing and development of muscles. Muscles bulge or grow in mass and strength. And the second type of exercise if the endurance exercises e.g. running, here the muscles build stamina without much growth in mass as would happen in resistance exercises.  Exercises help the blood vessels and red blood cells grow in size and number hence improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the musculoskeletal system i.e. the muscles and skeletal muscles. Despite these facts personal training is an issue to many, choosing a personal trainer could be challenging and one may find himself in unqualified hands and instead of improving your fitness you may end up injuring your body. A good personal trainer must be educated and certified with a recognized health and fitness organization. Mainly the work of a personal trainer is to assess your fitness level, know your goals, design a right program for you and keep you motivated. Some things to consider while designing a personal exercise program include your maximum heart rate and this you can simply get by subtracting you age from 220, some new formula estimates maximum heart rate as 208 – (0.7 x (your age)). When you know your maximum heart rate then you will be able to determine the intensity of your exercises, if you are a beginner you are recommended to exercise between 50% – 60% of your maximum heart rate.


It is important for someone to choose exercises that are continuous in nature like jogging, swimming and cycling. And it is important for someone to also consider the frequency of training, for example one should rest between sessions to allow the body to recover, it is recommended to train at least 3 – 4 times a week. The time a person takes for a particular exercise also matters, fitness can be achieved with as little as 30 minutes taken for a particular type of exercise, time also varies with the intensity one wants to achieve. It is also very important to do warm up and cool down exercises for at least 5 to 10 minutes; this prepares your muscles and prevents injuries mainly caused by fatigue by allowing blood to flow to muscles and provide necessary oxygen and nutrients.