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to Find a Personal or Sports Trainer in New Jersey!

37 year-old Actress from Orange, NJ
Thanks For Helping Me Improve My Acting Career

To The Custom Training Staff:

In my profession of acting and modeling, there are many physical, emotional, and mental demands. Through your services in physical training, I have learned how to manage many challenges and overcome them. How is that? It’s with the foundation of you teaching me how to eat properly, stay healthy, feel great, and stay in excellent physical condition. Your facility has conditioned me to not only to look the part, but encouraged and educated me on how to make physical fitness a part of my life.

I thank you all for strategically placing together a program that suits my lifestyle and schedule. Your accommodations and genuine concern to watch me grow in my field has been a great encouragement for my family and I. Your assistance in your facility, and your custom training program has been outstanding. A million thank yous for all that you have done to keep me looking fabulous in “The business!” Kudos for you all! A special thanks you goes to Michael Ranieri for all of his outstanding guidance and support! Here’s to my second home and family, The Custom Training Staff!

All My Love,

Maria Soccor-Tucci

41 year-old Systems Programmer from Clifton, NJ
Best Investment I Made In My Life

I joined Custom Training in the end of July. I was very impressed with the program from day one. At first I didn't think I was able to stick with the meal plan and the working out, but to my amazement it was easy and fun. The weight I have lost was incredible, and it wasn't hard. Shortly after joining the program, friends, family and everyone at work noticed a big difference in me. It was not just the weight I lost but my overall attitude and personality changed. I had the confidence and energy that wasn't seen in me for a long time. Now I have to go clothes shopping for clothes that fit me, this is the best kind of shopping in the world.

Mike, is extremely knowledgeable in getting the results you want. He has been on my team and doesn't let me give up. He guides me in every single workout.

I joined gyms many times before but have never gotten the results I have gotten with this program. In the gyms you are given maybe one training lesson and then left there on your own to figure it out. This is the best investment I have made in my life.

to Find a Personal or Sports Trainer in New Jersey!

40 year-old Police Officer from Jersey City, NJ
Results Faster Than I Expected

When I started at Custom Training, I really did not know what to expect. The program seemed almost too easy. I had thought that the diet would be difficult. Much to my surprise, it was, and still is, very easy to follow. The training is intense. My trainer, Michele, seems to never run out of new and ever more challenging exercises. I started to see results faster than I expected. In only four months, I have lost around 25 pounds and 10% of my body fat. The system at Custom Training really works if you are willing to follow their instructions.


38 year-old Business Owner from Clifton, NJ
It is never too late to start

It is never too late to start no matter how bad you think you look. Thats how I felt that faithful day when I woke up and knew it was finally time to start getting into the shape that I always wanted to be in. I had tried many things in my life to try to look the way I always wanted to be but nothing ever worked. Then, when I went to Custom Training, everything just came together. For the first time in my life I was training right and also more importantly being taught how important diet is in the process. Everything I have done since I have been at Custom Training has proven to work. As long as you exercise the right way, do the hated cardio and really watch what you eat, you to can have the unbelievable results that I have had here. Trust me. If I can do it, anyone can. Custom training is where all your personal goals can come true.

Erwin Santos

to Find a Personal or Sports Trainer in New Jersey!

52 year-old Mortgage Processor from Union, NJ
Results Beyond My Expectations

I've been with Custom Training for close to a year and a half now and have seen results beyond my expectations. I wasn't expecting dramatic results in such a short period of time. However, I was surprised by what was accomplished.

My trainer is invaluable and without his knowledge and expertise I would not have accomplished what I did. I look forward to seeing the results in the months to come.

With the transformation of my physical appearance, I have developed a new outlook on my life.


26 year-old Student from Marlboro, NJ
Guaranteed Success

My name is Charles and I came to Custom Training at the age of 19 weighing 182lbs. Before coming to Custom Training I decided I’d check out a few local gyms and email a couple of other personal trainers also within my area. I decided the local gyms weren’t for me because of self-esteem issues and embarrassment due to my weight and lack of strength. Custom Training was one of the personal training organizations I emailed and honestly the next day I heard from them. I forgot to get back to them that night and received a follow-up phone call. Talk about dedication to there clients!

We scheduled an evaluation day and the next day I was paid for and ready to go. I wasn’t sure what to expect but they were easy to talk to and get along with. They seemed to care a lot about my well being during the assessment. Well, as I figured I was in pretty bad shape. The computer program that evaluates your weight, body fat content, your target heart rate, flexibility even has an eating plan for you as well. My levels were all extremely low except for my flexibility. It says it’s either natural or attainable through exercise. I was told that “you can’t just work out and not eat right”. They made it simple for me and helped me the entire way, constantly checking my eating schedule and giving me feedback on things that I was eating and shouldn’t be eating.

They give you their full attention. You’re in a perfect size setting with just you and your trainer-no distractions, no waiting for machines or weights, and no embarrassment whatsoever. It’s the perfect environment. Professional instruction is received without any guesswork. They are great and have literally changed the way I look on the outside and as well as the way I feel about myself on the inside. Within a short period of time I saw changes and felt them. Eating wasn’t an issue anymore and to be honest some days when I’m not exercising at Custom Training, I want to be. This is was never the case before and I owe this all to Custom Training. Anyone can do this. It takes time, effort, and commitment to achieve any of this so don’t expect miracles to happen. You have to put in the work as well. If you follow what they say, then you are almost guaranteed improvement and success.

Thanks Custom Training

to Find a Personal or Sports Trainer in New Jersey!

51 year-old VP of Insurance Company from Bridgewater, NJ
I Have Exceeded My Fitness Goals

I have more energy than I've had in years and have exceeded my fitness goals. I was looking to get reacquainted with a regular exercise routine and got so much more. My trainer, Jason, really took the time to listen to what I expected to get out of my fitness routine and created a plan that showed results and kept me coming back for more. What I learned at Custom Training will stick with me for years. I've been able to maintain my weight while increasing my lean muscle mass in exchange for fat. I've lost 2 inches in my waist and gained it in my chest! My clothes fit better, I feel sharper mentally and have more strength than I've had in years!

33 year-old Import Transportation Coordinator from Newark, NJ
Wise Decision Made

My decision to come to Custom Training was a wise one. With the expertise and constant pushing Michael has not only made me stronger but has helped me to lose about 15lbs since I began. Even though I tend to get off track with my food more often than I should, Michael always seems to know and is right there to push me to getting back on track and that is a big plus for me. I recommend Custom Training to anyone that wants to get in shape and at the same time have a friend as your trainer and not just someone who knows you as their next appointment.

to Find a Personal or Sports Trainer in New Jersey!

64 year-old Business Owner from Freehold, NJ
Not Just Another New Year's Resolution

Every year for the past 15 years I’ve made a “new” New Year’s resolution to lose weight, and every year I gained weight. I went from 190 pounds to 223 pounds with the biggest annual weight gain in the last two years. That’s when I decided I needed help, so I signed up with Custom Training. After the first 4 months, I lost 20 pounds and most importantly for the 1st time, I managed to keep it off this past Holiday season.

Besides losing weight and going down one belt size, I feel I look better, I feel physically stronger and every morning I feel energized. A real bonus came when a severe back pain I had disappeared!

Mike Ranieri and his staff are knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly patient. The exercise routines are varied, creative and as strenuous as you want them to be. Although if you smile, while doing a routine, additional weight gets added on. The facility has everything you could possibly need and has a cozy and friendly atmosphere. And, to ensure your success, there are constant reminders from Mike and his staff to eat properly and to do your “cardio”.

This year my goal is to loose another 10 pounds by the end of this summer and to run in the NYC Marathon. Now, my two sons and a nephew, all in their 30’s, have started running and are trying to keep up with me.

Thanks to you and Michele for reversing a downward trend and getting me back on track and into shape again.

33 year-old Nurse from Roselle Park, NJ
Amazing Results

When I joined Custom Training I had been going to the local Gym for a year and was seeing zero results and was frustrated. I have now been with Custom Training a little over three months and have lost weight and my body is toned. It something I know I could have never done alone at the gym. I feel great and look great and I am continuing to work hard with the trainers at Custom Training.

to Find a Personal or Sports Trainer in New Jersey!

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