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Nutritional Counselling


These are exciting times for health and fitness. Regardless of your age, you can match your interests, body type, and natural talents to a lifestyle in which you can reach a high degree of success and satisfaction. Due to our improved scientific understanding of nutrition and exercise physiology, people today have the opportunity to live far healthier lives than ever before. Unfortunately, few individuals understand how to apply this scientific knowledge to healthful living, which is why we have a fully qualified nutritionist along with our staff of professional trainers. With a well-planned program of exercise and nutrition, you too can be on your way to a happier, more productive life.

Custom Training provides personal nutritional counseling at our personal and sports training studio, located in Union, New Jersey.

Our nutritionist, DR. VINCENT J. GIGLIO, Ph.D., C.C.N. who has a doctorate in nutrition and exercise physiology, registered and board certified in clinical nutrition by New York State University, will customize a nutrition program for individuals based on their body type, metabolism, age, physical condition, health history, specific needs, specific likes and dislikes, etc. Everyone is unique, and we take that into consideration when designing our programs.

Some of the nutrition programs we offer are: General and Clinical Nutrition; Healthful Living Counseling; Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation; General & Sports Weight Loss Programs; General & Sports Weight Gain Programs; Sports Nutrition Counseling; Ergogenic Aids (Nutritional Supplements); Steroid-Free Bodybuilding Programs.

Whatever nutritional counseling needs you may have, we are sure we can accommodate you. You can visit my Google Plus Profile.

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