Weight Gain Tips


Talking about tips to gain weight is not common at all. Think about that. Generally when the subject is “Weight”, most people want to put it off. Right? However, there are a number of people who seek to gain weight instead of losing it. Gaining weight can be much more difficult than losing it. That’s why you have to dedicate some time and make a substantial effort if you want to see your scale pointing to a bigger number.

This process will be hard, it will take some time and you will not get immediate results. If you want to gain weight there are two reasons that might be leading you to such goal:

Probably you are underweighted

If this is the case, check your BMI (you can Google “BMI calculator” and follow the instructions) after getting your BMI you will know if you are really underweighted.

You think your appearance is skinny and you want to gain additional weight

If this is the case you must first check you BMI using the upper mentioned process. Please note that your BMI may indicate a normal value but there are some factors that can lead to a wrong BMI (muscle mass has more weight than fat mass. This may lead to a wrong BMI. Do you have any doubt concerning the possibility of gaining weight, just check with your doctor or nutritionist. He/she will advise you.

Now, if you are decided to gain weight, lets get to the point. Here are some precious tips:

  • Go for the nutrients and not for the calories

One of the most common mistakes of those who want to gain weight is that they think calories will increase their weight. When they are buying food they will seek for the most caloric ones. Be careful. If you want to gain weight, gain it in a healthy manner, instead of looking for the most caloric foods. Pursue healthy foods that are high in nutrients rather than calories. If you keep looking for the most caloric diets you will gain weight but your health and appearance will not thank you for that.

  • Forget the Coke and such type of drinks

These beverages can be so delicious but when the matter is gaining weight, they are far from useful. Think about this. These types of drinks don’t provide nutrients and they don’t bring any health benefit. Instead of drinking such beverages, drink nutritious beverages like those made from pulp of fruit. The result is more calories, more nutrients thus producing more weight.

  • Eat six times a day

Okay, this can sound a little obsessive about gaining weight but it’s not. I’m not telling you to eat six extra-big meals throughout the day. I am telling you to eat six different meals during the day: breakfast, a little snack in the middle of the morning, the lunch, a good snack in the afternoon, dinner and snacking before bed.

  • Make sure you eat all the nutrients you need

From fish to meat and from rice to potatoes and pasta, etc, you have to follow a healthy and varied diet that can supply you with all the nutrients you need. In order to do that you can’t ignore any food. All foods will supply you with different nutrients you will need to fulfill your goal of gaining weight.