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Why Custom Training?

to Find a Personal or Sports Trainer in New Jersey!

Health Clubs Custom Training
Crowds Exercise in total privacy
No attention (feel alone) One-on-one guidance through each workout
Intimidating atmosphere Stress-free relaxed environment
Sporadic attendance Accountability (have an appointment to meet with your trainer)
Poorly maintained, unsanitary "sweaty" equipment State-of-the-art, clean, and well-maintained equipment
Unsafe exercise techniques, leading to injuries Proper technique taught during each exercise to achieve maximum results
Inadequate trainers Nationally accredited, with the best trainers in NJ
Public showers and changing rooms Private showers and bathrooms
Driving around looking for a parking spot or paying for parking Free parking
Have to wait for equipment Equipment is loaded and ready to go when you are
Meat market... you have to get "done up" to work out Not a fashion show. Wear anything that you're comfortable in
Never the right temperature We will change the temperature to meet your needs
Loud music Bring your favorite CD, or if you like, no music
Membership fees, long term contracts No membership fees

to Find a Personal or Sports Trainer in New Jersey!

Custom Training
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